Protelion Security Real-WorldTesting by NationLabs

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



Protelion, a leading provider of Zero Trust security platforms, is collaborating with NationLabs to test its innovative technology in real-world scenarios. This partnership aims to prove the effectiveness of Protelion’s solutions in securing critical infrastructure against evolving cyber threats. 
NationLabs researchers are putting Protelion through rigorous testing across various everyday scenarios, including:  

 Secure Messaging: Evaluating Protelion’s ability to keep confidential information safe on messaging apps:  -Private VPNs: Testing how Protelion helps businesses build and manage secure private VPN connections, anonymizing online traffic.  
 Smart Home Security: Assessing Protelion’s integration with Raspberry Pi devices to protect home surveillance cameras and other IoT devices. 
 Secure Hotspots: Exploring how Protelion can turn Raspberry Pi devices into secure access points, ensuring reliable internet connections. 
 Remote Access: Testing secure remote access to a company’s phone system (PABX) through a VPN and a softphone app maintaining call confidentiality. 

Additionally, NationLabs will see Protelion’s  resilience against potential future vulnerabilities posed by quantum computers.

This proactive approach ensures that Protelion remains a reliable security solution for years to come. 
Protelion’s Zero Trust approach is crucial in today’s digital word, addressing different cyberattacks by: 

 Verifying Every Interaction: Minimizing the attack surface and reducing the damage from potential breaches by not taking trust for granted. 
 Real-Time Threat Response: Providing constant monitoring, real-time threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities.  
 Scalability: Adapting and evolving needs of businesses, ensuring ongoing protection.  

“Working with NationLabs allows us to showcase the real power of our platform in real-world situations,” said Josef Waclaw, CEO of Protelion. “By undergoing rigorous testing in this unique environment, we give businesses the confidence that Protelion can secure their critical infrastructure, both today and in the future.” 

About Protelion: 
Protelion is an international cybersecurity company headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with a research and development office in Yerevan, Armenia. Founded in 2004, Protelion focuses on protecting data in transition and data network infrastructures. The company’s Zero Trust-based security platforms empower organizations to secure their data and infrastructure, regardless of location. Protelion’s solutions have been successfully implemented globally across various industries, including government, law enforcement, critical  infrastructure, oil and gas, private companies and more.


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