Your Most Trusted
& Reliable Disti Partner Game changing IT & Cybersecurity Technologies


Journey to value

Our business model is built, at its core, on value-add in every engagement & transaction making us the most trusted and reliable partner by culture, innovation and practices.


Value to Vendors

Business development, demand generation & marketing leveraging on innovative tactics, reach to resellers and customers, & reputation as a trusted advisor and reliable partner.


Value to Channel Partners

Competitive advantage with solutions that will help our partners grow their business and sustain the highest levels of customer happiness. We are entirely channel driven.


Value to Customers

Maximum usability of technology and innovative practices to address today’s unprecedented challenges bridging the gap between technology and business leadership.

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Why us

At Distilogix, we created a business model where technology makes a difference and partnership is the only path to success.

We do not run cyber security and digital transformation as technology products; Rather, they should be managed as process-oriented deployments, tightly integrated with business flow and measured by business metrics.

Mohd Elayyan

CEO & Chief Security Officer