About usOur aim is to give the highest value to our customers by focusing on innovation and quality


Based out of Dubai, UAE, Distilogix is a true Value Added Distributor (VAD) focused on the development of software technologies in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey. Our goal is to provide value to our vendor partners, channel partners, and end customers alike. We are focused on selecting best of breed technologies and providing full support around these products.

Value to Vendors

By working with Distilogix, vendors gain immediate “feet on the ground”. Distilogix provides sales, marketing, and technical support. Distilogix is the trusted extension of the vendor’s operation. We work with the vendor to come up with the appropriate go to market strategy and execute.

Value to Channel Partners

Distilogix, provides reseller channel partners with new products to complete their product portfolios. These tools are unique to the market and offer great value. In addition, we will be here to support the partners every step of the way and provide the tools necessary to generate added revenue.

Value to Customers

End customers are assured that in addition to obtaining great unique technology tools, they have the peace of mind that they are fully supported by a local resource. We intend on providing customers with top notch service.