SOLUTIONSWe've hand picked new game changing technologies and brought them to the MENA, and Eastern Europe.


We provide early access to some of the most exciting and innovative technologies on the market.
These cover the following areas:

Cyber Security

Our cyber security technologies are built upon AI-based algorithms and they deploy zero trust architecture that effectively autocontains the “unknown” and prevents any harm.

Open Networking & SDN

Network equipment with hardware disegrated from software giving you freedom from vendor-lock and openness of choices to select from as per your needs.

User Experience (UX)

Tools that help you proactively detect and resolve logon and application issues to increase uptime of your service and help you with your capacity planning.

Digital Workspace Management

Easily manage your digital infrastructure, endpoints, operating systems, digital workspace, applications, profiles, and VDI master images and simplify changes.

Data Availability

Backup and restore systems with a variety of deployment options on premises or on cloud. Flexibility to configure backup from multiple sources to multiple destinations.

Virtualization & End User Computing

Solutions with great value to your virtualized environment and capabilities for the best return on investment (ROI) and cost efficiency and to solve unexpected challenges.