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At Distilogix, we believe that technology leadership role in any organization has outpaced most organizations capabilities to transform leading to disconnect from, and sometimes, lack of confidence by business leadership.

Cybersecurity and digital transformation cannot be run as technology projects. Rather, they should be managed as process-oriented deployments, tightly integrated with business flow and measured by business metrics. Technology is the key, if not the sole, enabler of business composability. We believe that technology leaders today fall short in fulfilling the new business models emerging from the forced changes and unprecedented cybersecurity challenges.

Distilogix technologies and services help technology leaders transform their organizations to become agile, responsive and yet operate within a calculated risk and safe environment controlling rapid changes and cybersecurity challenges by design and architecture.

It is time for organizations to dismantle the day to day barriers and go back to basic principles of operations and cybersecurity and layer up their innovative practices and technology deployments. We are committed to the regions we operate in to provide the ultimate value of technology deployments; to our customers, our reseller channel partners, and to our customers. This channel is the reason why we exist and the driver behind every development we run.

Mohd Elayyan

Mohd Elayyan

CEO & Chief Security Officer