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User Experience (UX)

A variety of solutions that help IT departments, proactively, detect and resolve logon and application launching issues increasing the uptime of your services, end user happiness, operational excellence, and cost efficiency. These tools will pinpoint where your delivery architecture fails and how it should be upgraded. They are essential for capacity & budget planning. Technologies used to measure tens of metrics to detect issues affecting user experience and applications performance across the different elements of your delivery architecture including the VDI servers.

Digital Workspace Management

Have you taken steps to transform digitally and virtualize your workspace? Then, here is where you need to manage your digital infrastructure; You Endpoints, Operating Systems, Digital Workspace, Applications, Profiles, and VDI Master Images. We provide tools that simplify changes, additions, migrations, and user profile management. We isolate master images from applications and profiles. This gives IT admins the ability to, seamlessly, integrate new systems and migrate existing ones. These tools are essential for running a hassle-free digital environment without disruptions to daily work.

Data Availability

Data availability solutions, provided by Distilogix, provide your organization with backup and restore systems with a variety of deployment options. You can choose to build your backup servers on premises or you can subscribe to our cloud Backup-as-as-service offerings. You have the flexibility to configure your backup system to backup data from multiple sources to multiple destinations of your choice. Our products are easy to deploy and manage saving your time and resources. These systems do not require deep technology knowledge for installation, configuration and management

Virtualization Add-Ons